Kenya budget safari

Kenya budget and camping safaris

Going on a safari is tremendously expensive to make your safari affordable there are factors that you have to consider when planning your safari.

Kenya safari are done in Wildlife reserves and parks  which are in the middle of the jungle.Choose to switch everything off from your busy and stressful days and connect with the nature. Thus  focusing on your inner being.

There are many different types of travelers, but if there is one single thing that we all have in common. It is that we all freaking love going on an African safari. Or don’t we?

Of all the African countries, Kenya is perhaps the best country to do it in. Why? Because Kenya is the origin of safari and its the home  to the Maasai Mara, which is the National Park with the highest concentration of the big five and where the 7th wonder of the world wildebeest migration  takes place.This happens from late June to October every year.This should be in your bucket list of places to visit for this experience.

Delight rose safaris has Kenya budget safari packages for families, for individual travelers, and even large groups. This form of travel allows you to bond and catch up with people you may not have made time for owing to your respective busy lives.

what to consider to make your Kenya budget safari come true

1. The number of days:

the days that you want to spend in Kenya depending on the days you have you can stretch from one park to the other but if you have like 3 days its cheaper to have one park in your list  this makes the safari cheaper.

2.Places to visit:

Depending on your budget the first thing to choose from is the places that you want visit as in Kenya we have different parks that are unique from each other.What is your main aim .We have people who like to do bird safari and we have parks that are known for birding safari. Parks like Lake Nakuru,lake  baringo , lake bogoria , Kakamega forest and others.Others want wildlife safaris ,photography safari mountain climbing tours

3.The type of vehicle you use for the safari.

In Kenya we have two types of safari one mini van and Land cruiser. Land cruisers are more expensive than the vans but also its more comfortable on our roads and in the parks where the roads are bumpy.

4. Number of people :

The more you are the less the cost because your care the cost of transport and also for accommodation you can opt to sleep in a double or  triple rooms where you share the room with 2 or 3 people this makes the cost to be cheaper.

5. Season:

We have like 3 seasons

high season that is from January to march

low season  from April to June and November

peak season from July to October and December .

Peak season is the time that the rates are higher than other seasons .If you do your safari on other seasons you will get a Kenya budget safari.

6.Stay Outside the Reserve.

Most hotels and camps inside the parks  charge higher than the ones outside the park or reserve.Outside you can also get more options to be on full board or bed only then you can bring your food and do the cooking.

7.Booking in advance.

When you plan the dates that you want to have your safari , book it in advance .Most  hotels lodges and camps get fully booked. you might end up paying more if the accommodation you wanted is not available by the time you are booking.

8.Take Advantage of the Dollar:

when Kenya shilling is weak against the dollar meaning you will pay less dollars when this is the case. with trust worthy and right people to put together your safari.

At delight rose safaris be assured you will get what you want  at your budget .You will be dealing with trust worthy and experienced personnel.

enjoy your  kenya budget safari