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Mt. Longonot Climb Kenya

  • Mt. Longonot Climb - Kenya
  • Mt Kenya trekking 6 Days Sirimon Out Chogoria Route
  • Mt. Longonot Climb - Kenya
  • Mt Kenya trekking 6 Days Sirimon Out Chogoria Route
Game Parks, Kenya
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Mt. Longonot Climb – Kenya

Mt. Longonot Climb – Kenya

Standing over the shores of Lake Naivasha, at 2886 metres this massive dormant volcano dominates the landscape for miles around.

The brooding hulk of the Mountain is lined with spectacular fissures and laval canyons. As you climb these slopes, you pass through herds of grazing game and spectacular views of the Rift Valley as well as Naivasha unfold below.

Its vast crater is an awesome sight, the jagged edge surrounding a broad expanse of vegetation. Geothermal steam trickles upwards from the walls, while buffalo and other game make their way across the crater floor.

You can do mount longonot with combination with other safari with a night in Naivasha as you need an evenning or morning hours .


Mt. Longonot Climb – Day trip

Nairobi- Great African Rift Valley

Depart Nairobi for Mt Longonot National Park, heading through the Kikuyu lush green highlands. With a stopover at the Great Rift Valley view point.

Great Rift Valley View Point

Have a stop over  at the view point on the side of the escarpment to enjoy the view of the Rift valley floor from a birds eye view.The Rift Valley system was formed 5 million years ago and runs from the Red Sea through Ethiopia Kenya, and Tanzania.

The volcanic Mt Suswa and Mt Longonot are visible from this high place with their evergreen craters and the undulating green rift valley floor. The view from here is just amazing. Make sure to take as many photos from here as you can.

Mt. Longonot Climb – Kenya

You will hike around the crater and down to the Gate. The height gain during the hike is rapid and this makes for a stiff climb. Alternatively, you can also decide to circumnavigate the crater rim.

The hiking trail features some rest points, but it also includes some narrow points – especially on the crater rim. The total length of the hike up, around the crater rim, and back, is 10.3km. The hike from the Gate to the crater rim is 3.1km in length.

Mt. Longonot –Lake Naivasha

Descend from the Longonot mountain for the base at the park headquarters. Relax for some while and take on the drive to Lake Naivasha for lunch and boat ride.Have lunch at fish eagle camp along lake Naivasha while watching the lakes beauty and the birds

After lunch take one hour boat ride in this wonderful rift valley lake. The boat ride will take you to see the hundreds of birds in this lake including the diving African fish eagle which dives in the water to catch fish without ever missing. You will also go to the hippo pool and see the hippos as they swim and bleat inside the water while opening their mouths to over 180 degrees.

After boat ride drive back to Nairobi to arrive late in the afternoon.

You will be dropped at your hotel/residence or Airport.



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